Sound Driving Practices and Habits

Three "C's" can be used to describe the habits of the good driver: Courtesy, No nonsense, and Caution. Courtesy on the road undoubtedly prevents many accidents; some authorities believe that, if it were commonly practiced, highway accidents could be cut in half. Rude, discourteous, unsportsmanlike violation of driving rules is associated with a high percentage of accidents.

Six habits of the safe driver

The character of the good, safe driver can be summed up in his observance of these six habits:

  1. Through experience under instruction, he has developed mechanical and technical skill in controlling his car.
  2. He knows what to expect of his car under both favorable and adverse driving conditions.
  3. He avoids taking foolish chances; he never overdrives the danger zone projecting ahead of his car.
  4. He has a courteous and sportsmanlike regard for the rights of all other users of the public highway, including pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists, and other motorists.
  5. He signals his intentions to all persons who may be affected by the course of the car of which he is the brain, he does not expect other people to be mindreaders.
  6. He is alert for the mistakes of other people, and he does what he can to compensate for them, he does not demand the right of way to his own or anyone else's hurt.

The good driver gets his reward in pleasure and freedom from needless trouble and expense. The poor driver sometimes pays the supreme penalty-sudden death on the road.